Olathe City Council 2023 Budget Priorities

The Olathe City Council meetings occur on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month at 7:00 PM except for some occasions such as holidays. You can find out information about the meeting using the following link:

You can view a portion of the events of the meeting using the recorded portions of the meeting. However, attending in person has two benefits.

One benefit is that the officials see that people in the community are paying attention. That is a positive because as they say , “sunlight is a great disinfectant”.

You might think that since the meetings are recorded and made publicly available, that serves the same purpose. However, only some of the meetings are recorded. There are portions that are not recorded.

As an example, you can watch the end of the recorded session on April 18, 2023. You can watch the entire session or skip to Video Index 8 using the listed agenda where Council Member Discussion took place and the recording ended.

If you were present for the meeting, you would have heard additional discussions that were very interesting. In particular, there was a conversation regarding the list of budget priorities set by the council members to guide the administration in the creation of a budget. You can see a list of those priorities using the following link:

During that conversation, Kevin Gilmore pointed out that the 10th item needs some rewording.

  1. The City will maintain City services through innovative budgeting procedures and fiscal management in an effort to maintain the current mill levy rate.

Councilman Gilmore pointed out that housing valuations have increased around 16% across the county and this will generate a significant increase in city revenue in an environment where inflation is already causing financial stress on the community.

Councilman Mickelson and Major Bacon agreed that some change to the language was in order.

Councilwoman Felter expressed her concern that changing the language would put city service at risk.

The City Administration took the recommendations from that conversation and drafted updates to the priorities which where then presented in the May 16, 2023 session. And, again, those discussions where not recorded but are listed on the agenda item A. 1. A copy of the revised priorities can be downloaded from there.

Here is the revised item 10.

  1. The budget will fund exceptional city services and the top priorities of the community at the lowest sustainable tax rate.

The discussions surrounding the agenda item were not recorded. This is an example of why it is good to attend these meetings in person.